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Phraseological units as source of word-formation

 Olena Lazarenko


Phraseological units are not only steady constructions, the transition of free word-combinations in semantically indivisible and syntactically entire word-combinations, but they also serve as a buil­ding material for new words.

The article is devoted to the productivity of phraseological units in word-formation of the Ger­man language. The object of my research is 1200 lexemes motivated by phraseological units. The research material is extracted from lexical and phraseological dictionaries, the German belles-lettres and press. The purpose of this study is to analyse linguistic and extralinguistic factors causing the process of the dephraseological derivation, basic word-formation mechanisms and ways of enri­ching vocabulary on the basis of phraseological units.

Full text in German [PDF]

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